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Circling Sphere
Blurry Petals
Circling Sphere



The Night Journey Theatre Company is made up of Artist Tamara James-Dickson and associate designers. Our performances are original pieces that speak on cultural issues and social phenomena through the medium of horror. 

The Night Journey Theatre Company aims to make theatre more accessible for people of all backgrounds by purpose driven outreach, content that appeals to marginalised communities and creating diverse roles.  

Tamara is a special fx artist, writer, and director. Her practice largely focuses on horror, fantasy, and surrealism. Her work aims to amplify the voices of the marginalised, in particular within the black community. 
She has a masters in performance design which she obtained from central saint Martins in 2019.
Since then, Tamara has developed many exciting characters for stage and for screen, most recently working on the critically acclaimed stage adaptation of 'Let the right one in' for the royal exchange theatre.
Tamara continues her work as a multidisciplinary performance artist in London. . 


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